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Written By: ingridricks - Jan• 11•15

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It’s my birthday. And of all the birthday wishes and gifts I’ve received, the best is that I have my health and that I can still see my daughters and my husband, and every other beautiful thing this world has to offer. I rarely allow myself to think about the challenges associated with a sight-stealing eye disease such as RP, but recently I was asked to share what it’s like to slowly lose your eyesight for an online magazine called Science of Us. And when I started talking about it, it really hurt. Here’s a link to the interview for those of you interested. I hope I captured it well for all of us. To read interview, click here.

That interview reiterated for me the importance of doing everything I can to continue to save my eyesight, which, along with diet and lifestyle changes, includes ongoing acupuncture treatment. But it also drove home for me the challenge those of us dealing with this eye disease face – the ability to access this potential sight-saving treatment.

Though my eyesight is a daily challenge for me, the acupuncture I’ve received by practitioners trained to treat degenerative eye disorders has helped me and I want everyone who is interested in giving it a try to be able to access it and at a price they can afford. So I’m making it my quest this year to raise awareness about any eye acupuncturists I come across (especially those recommended by other patients) and to spread the word about the need for widespread training in this area. With so many people suffering from RP and other devastating blinding diseases, it’s unconscionable to me that there are only a handful of practitioners in the world who can currently help us. This is an open call and bottom-of-my-heart request to all eye acupuncturists out there: please help us by sharing your expertise through affordable, comprehensive continuing education courses that can be accessed by every interested acupuncturist out there.

Here’s the list of eye acupuncturists (in no particular order) that I’ve compiled so far. This is in no way an endorsement of these practitioners. I’m just providing it as a resource for all of you. Along with different treatment methodologies, prices vary greatly.  Speak with the practitioner; speak with patients who’ve been treated by them, research pricing and treatment protocols, and then select the practitioner that best resonates with you.

Acupuncturists Specializing in RP Treatment (and Other Degenerative Eye Diseases)


And here are three practitioners who focus on natuorpathic medicine and alternative therapies to treat RP and other degenerative eye diseases



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  1. Smruti Patel says:

    Thanks for your list. If I could add another. I have been to Dr Rosenfarb and he was amazing but it was expensive and inconvenient for me. I live in Toronto Canada. I have visit Dr Kathleen Hanold in Chicago. She has 30+ years experience as a western medical nurse. She now has added acupuncture as main focus for visited. After my initial visit to her, she did some training under Dr Rosenfarb specifically for RP. She is absolutely the nicest person and make you feel so comfortable. She is flexible, affordable and she focuses on just you. She uses essential oils to relax you. She also helps with other issues you may have.

    Dr Kathy Hanold
    Chicago vision acupuncture
    +1 (773) 885-1819

  2. Dalith says:

    Thanks Ingrid – always very helpful information.
    Like you I wish this treatment wasn’t so expensive , in Israel
    There is only – specialist.

  3. Alysa S. says:

    First of all, Happy Birthday – a day late, I know, but very sincerely meant. I hope you had a great time celebrating, and I hope this next year of your life will be a wonderful one. As for this post, wow. I am so impressed, always, by all that you try to do for others. Compiling a resource like this is amazing. I have a few people I know who are in the medical community in the US, and the next time I talk to them, I’ll see if they know anyone you can add to the list. All the best to you, as always, and bravo for a great idea!

  4. Jana Cauldwell says:

    Happy Birthday Ingrid! If anyone can help me with an acupuncturist in South Africa, preferable Johannesburg, that would be great. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Tania says:

    Happy Birthday! Im a January baby too 🙂

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