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Written By: ingridricks - Jan• 21•14


Okay…after two weeks of nonstop book launch craziness, I’m finally back in Seattle and back to my daily eye health routine.

I’m re-committing myself to my whole-body health focus: diet, lifestyle, emotional health, physical health with eye exercises and supplements sprinkled into the mix. I’m also back to my daily kale, celery & cucumber juice with a teaspoon of chia seed—which I absolutely swear by these days  And…I just booked my next week-long trip to New Jersey for a second treatment with Dr. Rosenfarb.  He’s so involved in working to get his RP treatment protocol tested and recognized by the Western medical community and the world as a whole that I believe he represents the best ongoing treatment solution for RP currently available.

Because of his expertise in eye health, Dr. Rosenfarb was recently invited on the Dr. Oz show to discuss simple, effective ways to maintain eye health as we age. The segment was powerful—but he didn’t have an opportunity to talk about the more important work he is doing to help patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa, macular degeneration and other degenerative eye diseases to save their eyesight.

I think his Dr. Oz appearance opens the door for us and gives us an opportunity to shine the spotlight on RP and the preventive measures available to us.

To view Dr. Rosenfarb on the Dr. Oz show, click here And if you have a minute, leave a comment about Dr. Rosenfarb’s RP clinical trial with Johns Hopkins University and your desire to have Dr. Oz do a show on that.  (Here’s a link to that study and the initial results).

 I know that when it comes to medical research and funding, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Let’s BE the squeaky wheel.



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  1. Jared says:


    Do you just spoon the Chia seed into the juice and drink it, or do you blend the juice and seeds with a blender? I’ve been sprinkling Chia seeds on my salads, but not sure how they’d work with my juices.


  2. Alysa S. says:

    I’m so glad you’re getting back to your routine, and I hope everything you had to do for the book launch went well! Congratulations on that again and again! I am so happy for you!

    It was really cool to see Dr. Rosenfarb “in person”, via the video. Unfortunately, though, when I went to comment it says you have to have a Facebook account, which I don’t…. But I was happy to see that there were other commenters asking for him to come back on the show and talk about degenerative eye conditions. If there’s any other way you can think of for me to get my comment there or to be the squeaky wheel, just let me know. Here’s hoping we’ll get to see Dr. Rosenfarb on Dr. Oz’s show again, this time talking about RP and his amazing work.

  3. Allen Duia says:

    Hi Ingrid,
    I have been following your blog for about 7 months now and your experience and shares hav been quite inspirational and helpful. I hav been practicing ur juicing techniques . I do pranayama yoga and hav notivced good results. Thankyou n God bless

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